Why are hot desks so popular?

Are you thinking about changing your job? You are no longer so stimulating where you work and you are eager for something new. Change as such are always welcome. The pandemic that marked the last few years brought a lot of changes, and among them is the way of working. Working from home comes first. However, working from home is not always the best solution, at least not for a long time. This is why the term coworking Marbella is becoming popular each day.

Have you heard of hot desks and What does the term hot desks refer to? In other words, it is a system in a random location where employees use desks available at different times. Whoever comes first gets the right to work at that table. Best coworking spaces are turning to this way of working to reduce real estate costs, improve efficiency and maximize the use of space.

What are the advantages of hot desking?

This way of working appeared in the mid-90s when busy people increasingly opted for any available desk instead of having one assigned seat. But why did the popularity of this way of working grow every year?

Cost reduction

One of the most talked about and number one benefits is cost reduction. Did you know that this type of work organization can reduce office management costs by up to 30%?

Better orderliness in the workplace

Tidier workspaces are another reason why more and more people decide to share workspaces. Your office will undoubtedly be tidier if you choose the hot desk option because workers can't just leave their things like piles of papers and other personal things. Furthermore, such a way of working forces people to become minimalists.

Better cooperation

In this type of organization, people will move around the office more, and this encourages employees to talk to department members they wouldn't normally talk to. Furthermore, staff from different departments can work together on projects.

Much more flexibility and autonomy

Employees will have much more autonomy because they will be able to change their environment and remain mobile at the same time. People will no longer be tied to desks but will be much more flexible.

How to choose the best working environment

Every company that wants to build a better and more successful team will do everything it can to make this happen. For example, a way of working where changes are constantly happening could trigger further discussions that would lead to better productivity. To create the prerequisites for a good working environment, it is important that such a space has everything necessary, such as access to communal facilities, and the Internet, and that it has available important technology.

Furthermore, workers will be able to maintain autonomy. If some of the workers need peace, they can retire to a corner, and those who cooperate with others will be able to use the meeting room. In the end, employees will be able to meet people from other companies and exchange ideas.

There are also special conditions in the event of a pandemic, just as it was at the beginning of COVID-19. Flexible workspaces in the form of walk-in desks will help companies adapt to the hybrid random environment. Employers will be able to implement hot desks to accommodate several restrictions. Best of all, such tables are regularly cleaned.

Hot desks - How to make the most of modern office space

There is more and more talk about modern office spaces. However, no matter how popular the aforementioned mode of operation is, it takes more time for many to get used to the new conditions. To be as productive as possible in these conditions, it is necessary to move in the right direction.

To begin with, you should always take care of others. In other words, team up with colleagues who have the same way of thinking as you. Before that, listen to what they have to say and see if they share your opinion. If it's been a long time since the employer asked for feedback, it would be good to gather a few teammates who share your opinion. If more people end up asking for the same thing, it is more likely that your employer will change his mind.

However, before you say anything, think first and make sure that all your comments are formatted so that the boss can use them to improve the working conditions in the company.

Solve the scheduling problem in time

If there is a problem with the schedule, it is important to discuss it in time. However, it should be kept in mind that sometimes it will not be possible to work according to the hybrid schedule. Everything depends on the situation of other workers as well as the availability of the company.

Be ready for changes

Even though working in these conditions is not new, several studies have shown that it is still not compatible with other companies. Every enthusiast must evaluate the challenges and advantages that he will face if he starts with this way of doing business. It is not without reason that most things in life are a matter of habit. Once you get used to sharing a desk, it will help you develop better collaboration with current and future colleagues.

Work remotely from Spain has never been more interesting and full of surprises, especially for digital nomads. Don't allow yourself to be caught off guard by such changes. Be open-minded and don't limit yourself to what has already been verified. After all, what is life but a little bit of adventure with a few proven spices?