Best coworking spaces in marbella - Top 6

Marbella is known as a favorite place of the rich and famous, and how could it not be when it comes to one of the most glamorous resorts where many foreigners come enchanted by the wonderful way of life there. The fashionable destination has been attracting both celebrities and ordinary people for a long time. Thanks to more than 320 sunny days during the year, numerous promenades, clubs, street markets, and old town, Marbella is a place that cannot be bypassed. However, this destination is known for one more thing. Have you heard of coworkmarbella?

A wonderful climate, a beautiful coast, and one of the most popular places to invest in real estate attract an increasing number of entrepreneurs. Recently, home offices have become increasingly popular, since many companies have experienced huge savings when it comes to renting and also wanted to protect workers at the beginning of the pandemic. However, working from home did not make everyone happy. For some, such a way of working represented anxiety, either because of the lack of workspace or the mixing of private and business life.

Fortunately, coworkmarbella can offer several coworking spaces that will fulfill all your needs. In other words, your goal is to find a space where you can do all your work. Here are a few coworking locations in Marbella that will give you everything you've been looking for. We start with the best of the best!

1. Work in Marbella

Estepona is the right place if you are looking for best coworking spaces. With a beautiful nature surrounded by mountains and the sea, it is impossible not to choose Work in Marbella. It is located near the beach and close to restaurants with top-quality offers.

There are several packages available: VIP Team Office, VIP Office, and Hot Desk. The VIP Team Office has a separate kitchen and bathroom and can accommodate up to 16 people.

VIP Office allows you to enjoy yourself with other members in the main office area. The Hot Desk package provides a flexible workplace throughout the month.

Just choose a package and call to arrange details. Enjoy free tea and water while you are in this great working environment that combines the pleasant with the useful. A catering option is available upon request. Work without any difficulties with ultra-fast Internet.

2. Regus

If you are searching for the right place to work, Regus is just for you. It is located on the main city road in the business area. Anyone interested in coworking has several conference rooms available for holding meetings and presentations. There is a marina nearby where you can take a walk.

3. Ourspace

Ourspace is known for its rich greenery, which makes the entire space a bit like a garden, and can help you relax even better. It is located in the Oasis business center with the possibility of parking and close proximity to cafes and shops located in that building. While some will find it an advantage that the offices are located inside the business center, others may be disturbed by such a crowded place.

A functional desk filled with plants is available to all interested parties. If you are not a fan of classic lunch packages, you can always use the kitchen located within the area or walk to nearby restaurants. Some may not like so much the lush greenery, in that case, you can always choose something else.

4. WeCowork

WeCowork is a working environment where you can develop work ideas without any distractions. It is located in San Pedro near Polígono Industrial. There are several packages, so you can choose from a full VIP package to a simple Hot Desk. Each of the packages has its advantages with fiber optic broadband. It is up to each user to choose what will best suit the nature of their work. This is the right place to start making professional connections with friendly staff. After work, you can visit numerous antique stores and enjoy the promenades.

5. Esperanza 11

Esperanza 11 is a coworking space that shares space with several other companies, including Radio San Pedro Alcántara. This place also boasts partnerships with several companies from other industries such as law, herbology, and architecture, which come together to share experiences. What stands out is the interior, which slightly leans towards the Scandinavian style. Anyone who is still not sure can come to see for themselves and try it out, at no cost!

6. La Nave 10

Opposite Cable Beach is La Nave 10, a work zone where you can work and relax. In addition to the usual daily, weekly, and monthly plans, the meeting room can be rented by the hour. La Nave offers a kitchen and lockers where you can put everything you need if you decide to ride a bike to work. There are also showers, for everyone who wants to freshen up before going to work. A terrace and a projector are also available. The main goal is to make it easier for everyone to balance their personal and professional lives.

With the diverse offer of workspaces on coworkmarbella, it is easier to decide on a coworking space for all those who do not need a permanent office space. If your employer has decided that it might be better for you to work from home, you can always seek out a change. You know where to look.